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20F,King Bleach Tower,No.18 gongnong Road, Nantong city, China
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No.12 Hongqiao road, Bengcha town,Rudong County Nantong city
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Personnel recruitment

    The company is committed to the promotion and cultivation of have both ability and political integrity, loyalty to the company's talent. We use the principles are: to hire the best talent, and provide more development opportunities for them, so that they can be given full play in the company.
    Basic requirements
    Honesty, integrity and moral character, moral and conscience is the foundation for human being, but also the basis for work. Staff ethics level determines the moral level of the enterprises and organizations.
    Diligence, dedication dedication - willing and able to make the extra effort to help the company, with the progress of the cause of. From the words and deeds and mentality are loyal to the team and the company.
    Enthusiasm, consciously working habits – for enterprises and individuals, the lack of enthusiasm is lack of power train track, even long and straight, it also can't do anything.
    Humility, unity of personal style - modernized enterprise only the team can work effectively, from the team support person can't survive. Personal gains and losses to the team.
    Tough, responsible attitude, have the courage to bear the responsibility, the responsibility for the outcomes, meet various aspects pressure can correctly handle.
    The pursuit of progress, enterprising attitude - a desire to succeed, with the insatiable ambition. The development of the cause, rather than as a job. Aspire to progress, not satisfied with the status quo.
    The progress of learning, thinking ability, adapt to market changes, follow the pace of progress, constantly sum up experience, broaden one's horizon, self-improvement, learning progress.