Office Add:
20F,King Bleach Tower,No.18 gongnong Road, Nantong city, China
Mill Add:
No.12 Hongqiao road, Bengcha town,Rudong County Nantong city
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corporate culture

    The enterprise culture is the soul of the development of. It passed a standard value orientation and behavior of enterprises, together with enterprise common belief and the overall force, encouraging all staff to pursue a career and work enthusiasm, promoting enterprises increasingly prosperous and sustainable development.
    The spirit of enterprise
    Endless pursuit of excellence, advancing with the times to create the future!
    Enterprise purpose
    People-oriented, integrity and pragmatic, innovative and enterprising, reporting social.
    Business philosophy
    Credibility first, customers first, quality, delivery on time, is willing to cooperate sincerely with you, hand in hand.
    Service concept
    Warmly welcome new and old customers, understand customer needs; strict quality process control, to ensure that the contract delivery period; for both quality tracking, rapid processing quality objection.
    Development goals
    A domestic first-class brand of world class shirt fabric, shirt fabric suppliers.